Follow Me

There’s a little bit of irony in this post, as I’m using technology to share it.

Nevertheless, this is a poem I wrote. It’s nothing extraordinary, but I did write it to share my concerns about the effects of the Internet, social media, etc. on my own life and others’.

I’m not condemning technology by any means, but I think there needs to be a better balance between the real world and our digitalized lives.

“Follow Me”

What have we become?
To where our lives are so routine

Mechanized, emotionless, shallow.

I remember a day

Where we used to talk in person

Run outside, embrace the wind, the trees, the sky.

Now it’s down to

A phone in your hand, the constant tapping of your fingers

And silence painfully filling the air

As I stare out the window,

Wishing for a way to tell you

How it hurts.

How did I, how did we become a number?
Simply another friend on the list,
And another person to put in a category.

You may know a thousand names,

But what’s it worth in the end?

How well do you really know them?

I’ve seen people treated like a check-off list

And get-togethers with friends merely being a click away.

“Yes” or “No”…will you go?

So simplified we’ve become in our course of actions.

Our connections may be faster but not necessarily deeper.
You won’t tell me what’s wrong,

Yet you wish to share it to the world.

And I’m left here wondering

How our communication crumbled.

What I did do wrong,

And what I must do to “fix” it.

So machine-like in my way of thinking.

I miss those days where we would talk in person.

But now you won’t even answer my calls;

you’ll just send me a text now and then

To assure me you’re alive and well.

But how alive are you anymore?

I’m hanging up.

I’m disconnecting.

Do you still want me?

Let me know in the real world.


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